The End Of The Indiana Moratorium

There is a possibility that evictions in Indiana will increase dramatically in the next few months—and this was entirely unanticipated. Both landlords and tenants face a future they hadn’t planned for because of the federal moratorium on evictions. At the onset, the pandemic had a catastrophic impact on people’s health and their livelihoods. People’s inability […]

Why Illinois Homebuyers Need A Lawyer

Do you need an attorney when you buy a home in Illinois? No, you don’t. Illinois law doesn’t require to be represented by legal counsel at the closing table.  But there are also no helmet laws in Illinois. Although you do not need to wear a helmet, are you assuming more risk by choosing not […]

Why Indiana Homebuyers Should Have An Attorney

Do you absolutely need to hire an attorney when buying or selling your home in Indiana? No. An adult who lives in New Hampshire isn’t legally required to wear a seatbelt, though many people choose to do so anyway. They decide to do so because they don’t want to take on the risk of not […]

Honesty: It’s The Shortcut To A Great Real Estate Transaction

Buying a home is a unique experience for most people. It is one of the most significant financial decisions of your life—and it can be challenging for people to leave emotions out of it. Why? Because people envision their lives and future inside of the home they wish to purchase.  Don’t let your vision of […]

What The RLTO Means For Landlords

RLTO stands for Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance. It was passed in January of 2021 but didn’t go into effect until June of the same year. The ordinance governs and promotes a healthy relationship between landlords and their tenants. For example, after the RLTO passed, there were lockout provisions that went into effect immediately. Landlords could […]

How To Live Well On The Eve Of The Deal

There is an extensive amount of content aimed at thriving within the real estate industry. A significant portion of it focuses on the external factors: buying, selling, finding the right agent, and the mortgage process.  But since we are entering the busiest time of the real estate market, let’s take a different approach: how can […]

2 Reasons To Back Out Of A Sale

When you finally find the home that you sense is right for you, you start planning for the future. You imagine yourself in it celebrating holidays, bringing your relatives together in it, and even expanding your own family while living there. Because there is so much emotion tied up into the house, it can be […]

4 Reason Why You Need Title Insurance Before Your Closing

Before we go into why you need title insurance, we will first establish what it is. If you are new to buying property don’t feel bad if you have never heard of it. Simply put, if you are buying a home, title insurance is a means to guard you financially if there are problems (or […]

A PITI-ful Mortgage: Understanding the 4 Major Expenses in a Mortgage Payment

Practically everyone who purchases a home in Chicago has a mortgage. Although most first-time homebuyers know that financing the purchase means that they will be making a monthly mortgage payment for decades, they don’t always understand that these payments are more than simply a percentage of the sale price.  In this blog, we’ll explain the […]

Estate Planning Considerations for Young Families

The word ‘estate planning’ conjures images of prosperous retirees who’ve spent their lives building up wealth and now want to make plans to pass it on to loved ones. Rarely do you think of young families needing to preserve assets and create inheritances.  The truth is that estate planning is valuable for anyone at any […]