Landlord-Tenant Disputes Defense

Representing Your Position in a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Landlord-tenant disputes can be especially difficult for landlords who have to evict tenants that aren’t following their lease. Compliance to established legal procedures is a must, or you risk being sued by the tenant. The fact is, however, that there are laws in place to help provide protections to landlords in these difficult situations.

If you’re having trouble with a tenant or unsure about the correct way to evict a tenant, our team of real estate attorneys will be more than happy to analyze your case and let you know what the best way to proceed may be. We can also talk to your tenant on your behalf to try to negotiate some type of solution that will work for all parties involved.

While this type of conflict can be contentious and difficult, we will be there to provide you with comfort and help every step of the way. Don’t try to handle an eviction on your own without some form of guidance first if you’ve never evicted a tenant before or have had problems in the past. Contact us and we will be there to help. We offer our new clients a free consultation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away and learn more about your legal rights.