Breaking Down The Illinois Residential Property Disclosure Act

Sellers should know this when they put their home on the market, but it can give buyers peace of mind. During the due diligence period, buyers are given enough time to inspect the property to understand potential issues with the home they intend to purchase. Anyone who has gone through this will attest to how […]

What It Means To Refinance Your Home

Regardless of how much the interest rates fluctuate, people will continue to buy and sell homes. Our previous blog explained how interest rates directly affect home values. As interest rates increase, home values decrease because consumers have to commit more of their monthly budget to pay interest. Some buyers may hesitate to enter the housing […]

Airbnb Considerations

When you go to Airbnb’s website, you will see that they strongly recommend that you understand the laws that apply to your “…city, county, state, province, territory, and/or country (your ‘jurisdiction’).” They also specifically state that they do not offer legal advice. With that said, it is crucial to understand that even though you may […]

Condominium Owners Deserve Well-Written By-Laws

Condominiums appeal to many homebuyers. Younger people may gravitate toward them because condos could be less expensive than a house; others simply enjoy that they aren’t entirely responsible for the repairs and upkeep associated with the property’s exterior. The latter comes at a cost that will materialize through a Homeowners’ Association’s (HOA) monthly dues and […]

The Relationship Between Interest Rates & Home Values

Whenever the topic of buying homes comes up, someone in the conversation will likely talk about interest rates. Don’t be upset or hard on yourself if you aren’t aware of why and how interest rates impact the real estate market. Some people have bought several homes and can’t fully articulate how these two things correlate.  […]

Discovering An Encroachment On Your Land

In the past, we discussed what encumbrances are and how they can surface during your due diligence period. We went over liens, easements, deed restrictions, and licensing issues. These are things that you should discuss with your attorney during the home-buying process, and it highlights the importance of having legal counsel. One of the things […]

Can I Sell A Home That Is In Probate?

Not only do hundreds of thousands (or perhaps millions) of homes pass through probate each year, but investors are drawn to them. They appeal to real estate agents and buyers because there may be little or no competition around acquiring them. During a time when open houses come equipped with long lines of buyers willing […]

Common Obstacles That Will Prevent You From Closing

Buyers and sellers want to get to the closing table. Buyers may be eager to move in before their child’s school year starts. Sellers could be in the process of buying another home that is contingent on the sale of their previous one. If you have ever been through this, you may remember how stressful […]

Things To Consider When Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Auricchio Law Offices represent clients who purchase or sell residential and commercial real estate. Identifying and defining each term is essential to understanding the pros and cons of both types of investments. Residential real estate centers on single-family homes and smaller multifamily properties with 2-3 units. Commercial properties are used to generate profit. Examples include […]

How CryptoPunks & Real Estate Are Connected

When people discuss NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the market surrounding digital art such as CryptoPunks is likely to surface. If you haven’t heard of them, take a minute to look up CryptoPunk #5822. It is a pixelated alien with teal skin and a blue bandana that looks like it could have been a character on an […]