The End Of The Indiana Moratorium

There is a possibility that evictions in Indiana will increase dramatically in the next few months—and this was entirely unanticipated. Both landlords and tenants face a future they hadn’t planned for because of the federal moratorium on evictions.

At the onset, the pandemic had a catastrophic impact on people’s health and their livelihoods. People’s inability to generate an income risked their capacity to provide for themselves and their families—including paying rent. There was also the fear that evicting tenants would only fuel the progression and spread of COVID-19. 

This past summer, the state ended mask mandates and allowed businesses to once again operate at capacity. However, the vaccination rate stalled near the 50% mark. It is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss the reasons why, but it is essential to note that in August of 2021, the Indiana State Department of Health reported as many as 5,000 new COVID-19 cases. 

With an increase of new cases, people were left unsure of where the moratorium on evictions would go. President Biden extended the moratorium on evictions in August of 2021 for another 60 days in areas where the infection rates were deemed high. 

At that point, people in Indiana figured evictions were stalled until October; but that changed when the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the extension. 

One of the biggest takeaways from all this is how suddenly it has happened. Two parties are left with serious concerns: landlords depend on income in the form of rent, and renters need a place to live. 

Economic ramifications aside, one solution that was presented was financial assistance for these renters. This allowed landlords to receive income, and people could stay in their homes. The state of Indiana received $372 million in federal assistance for this exact purpose. Slightly less than $70 million of it has been distributed. The state can provide people with financial aid to go towards rent and utilities (e.g., electricity, water, etc.). 

The state has the funding, the people have a need, but is there enough time to distribute that money? 

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The Auricchio Law Offices has an extensive amount of experience with landlord/tenant disputes as well as evictions. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the moratorium, reach out to us if you have additional legal questions or concerns. We proudly offer free consultations, and we can help you navigate the uncertain road ahead.

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