Why Indiana Homebuyers Should Have An Attorney

Do you absolutely need to hire an attorney when buying or selling your home in Indiana? No. An adult who lives in New Hampshire isn’t legally required to wear a seatbelt, though many people choose to do so anyway. They decide to do so because they don’t want to take on the risk of not wearing them. 

The same thought process extends to why you should choose to work with an attorney even though you are not forced to. Though the risks are different, they still exist. Here are some that you will take on if you choose to proceed without an attorney. 

Title Search

Regardless of who conducts the title search, your attorney will ensure that you purchase a home with a clean title. Should something be missed, you could potentially buy a home with a lien on it

If the previous homeowners have creditors making claims to the property (to pay off a debt), that doesn’t end when you move in. You could find yourself defending your new home against creditors to whom you don’t owe money. 

Contracts Are Vital

Without an attorney, you will negotiate the terms of the deal with the buyer or seller. You may even come to agree. However, unless this gets put into a properly drafted contract, you put yourself at significant risk. 

And without an attorney to explain and examine the contract, you are signing a legally binding document without knowing for sure what you are signing. Reading, analyzing, and comprehending contractual language is a learned skill. Think of your attorney as the filter it needs to pass through before you sign it. 

Unique Circumstances 

Buying and selling have many different faces. In addition to buying a home for you and your family, you could buy commercial property as well. When your business purchases a property, there are various legal methods your attorney can employ to ensure the transaction’s efficiency. 

Choosing the correct business entity for your needs and having it a part of the transition could save time and money. 

Your attorney ensures your transaction follows and adheres to all the local, state, and federal laws despite the circumstances. And while doing so, he will filter everything through the lens of whether the deal is in your best interest. Don’t stumble through a real estate transaction with a blindfold on, hoping things work out in your favor. Choose the right attorney and make sure that one of the most significant financial decisions of your life pays off over the long term. 

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