Why Illinois Homebuyers Need A Lawyer

Do you need an attorney when you buy a home in Illinois? No, you don’t. Illinois law doesn’t require to be represented by legal counsel at the closing table. 

But there are also no helmet laws in Illinois. Although you do not need to wear a helmet, are you assuming more risk by choosing not to wear one? Yes, you are.

Just because something is legal does not mean it cannot also harm you. Which legal option is in your best interest? Before you decide whether you should hire an attorney when buying your next home, understand the advantages of having one. Weigh those out against the cost of a home and any adverse consequences resulting from you representing yourself. 


There is a lot of emotion tied up in the sale of your home. It is a tremendously important moment in your life. Your attorney is going to look at the deal from a broader perspective. This is meant to protect your interests during every phase of the process.  

Most realtors use the same contract. It is a form in which they add in names, addresses, etc. Not only has your attorney seen and handled these before, but he has firsthand knowledge of the pitfalls. 

  • What happens if the deal falls through?
  • Under what circumstances can you walk away from the sale of the home? 
  • If disagreements come up between the buyer and seller, what happens?

No one should sign a contract they don’t understand—mainly when it outlines one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. Even after the contract has been signed (and before you have closed), you may have legitimate reasons to walk away from the deal. Your attorney will guide and advise you with that in mind. He will not let you get trapped. And if a potential contract is written in a way that is to your disadvantage, he will tell you before you sign it. 

In more favorable terms, having an attorney will likely increase your chances of the deal going through. Imagine losing your dream home because a deadline was missed. Or giving away your earnest money for the same reason. 

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At the minimum, a lawyer is someone whose sole focus is looking out for you. At the most, he is someone who sees obstacles before they exist while saving you time and money in the process. For legal assistance regarding all your real estate needs, contact Auricchio Law Offices to schedule your free consultation

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