What The Avengers Tower Would Cost In Chicago

Let’s merge fiction with reality. One of Tony Stark’s most underappreciated superpowers is his ability to purchase real estate. Even with Stark Industries making an appearance on the Forbes’ List for most successful fictional enterprises, he seems to have a significant amount of wealth. Take just one of his cars, the Rolls Royce Phantom. That alone is worth over $370,000. 

When you begin to look into his real estate purchases, the car starts to look like the toy you got for Christmas in second grade that you no longer play with. Tony Stark’s Malibu house isn’t real (because the land it sits on is actually a state park). People have estimated its size to be over 11,000 sq feet and worth over 100 million. But let’s take it a step further and look at the real diamond in his crown, The Avengers Tower. 

What We Know

The address and name of the building are easy to figure out because they are stated in the movies. The Avengers Tower’s address is 200 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York, which puts it directly in the heart of Midtown. The address is real. When you get there, you will see the Metlife Building. Tony Stark (because he’s Tony Stark) renovated the upper floors and added an Arc Reactor to ensure it ran on self-sustaining clean energy. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t see a giant “A” or “Stark” on the building because the filmmakers used CGI to add those elements to the actual MetLife Building. 

Regardless, we now have clues as to what the building is worth. The MetLife Building (before Tony Stark added his own flair to it) was worth $3 billion. But we still need to know how that compares to Chicago. For the sake of argument, when you leave the MetLife Building/Avengers Tower and walk a few blocks northwest, you end up in the Theatre District. The median sales price in the Theatre District is $2.97 million. 

Let’s Look at Chicago

Chicago has its own share of skyscrapers. Anyone who visits our city will likely post pictures of themselves floating outside the Willis Tower. For some added fun, we can figure out which one compares to the MetLife Building. The Metlife Building is 808 feet, and Legacy at Millennium Park is 822 feet and is the 13th tallest building in Chicago (MetLife is the 39th tallest in New York). Close enough. 

Now, let’s break this down by price per floor to determine what The Avengers Tower would cost in Chicago. In New York, a skyscraper costs approximately $15 million per floor. And in Chicago, it costs about $6 million. We have all the information we need:

  • The value of the actual Avengers Tower
  • The value of New York’s skyscrapers when compared to Chicago’s

Given that information, we can assume that if the Avengers Tower/MetLife Building is worth $3 billion in New York, it would cost $1.2 billion in Chicago. Granted, that doesn’t include the Arc Reactor and Tony Stark’s Renovations. 

Auricchio Law Offices 

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