A Brief Overview of the “Quiet Title”

Many buyers have been on the verge of acquiring their dream home or a piece of prime investment property when a title search turns up complications. Perhaps there is more than one chain of title or a mechanic’s lien was placed on the property after a previous owner failed to pay for contracted improvements. Should […]

4 Steps to Take When Someone Breaches a Real Estate Contract

If you are a Chicago area landlord, you’re aware that the law protects the rights of your tenants. However, this doesn’t mean that they can behave or use the property in ways that violate the terms of your lease agreement. For example, if you’re dealing with a tenant who is refusing to pay rent, you […]

4 Issues that May Turn Up During a Title Search

Title issues are more common than most people presume, which is why you should perform a title search before buying real estate in Illinois. Some problems will restrict your ability to use the property as you wish while others thwart your ability to take ownership in the first place. All of them present difficulties that […]

5 Reasons to Have a Lawyer Help You Purchase Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most significant purchases anyone ever makes in their lifetime. Whether you’re making a short-term decision on where to live or a long-term investment for your portfolio, it’s important to understand that there’s more to buying real estate than paying the asking price. This is why an experienced and knowledgeable […]

5 Common Department of Housing Violations

When you’re a residential property owner, you have an obligation to follow the Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) guidelines. These regulations specify construction methods, occupancy limits, or other key aspects of private homes and multi-tenant properties. Unfortunately, these rules are complicated and it is easy for property owners to unintentionally run afoul of them. Below […]

The 5 Most Common Causes of Real Estate Litigation (And How to Avoid Them)

In today’s market, real estate disputes are increasingly common. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, a Chicago landlord or property management company, or a representative of a condominium association, becoming embroiled in a lawsuit can be a huge, expensive problem. Below is a list of 5 of the most common causes of […]

The 5 Essential Elements of Commercial Lease Agreements

As a business owner, you will likely enter into a commercial lease agreement at some point. Whether you’re negotiating the contract yourself or using an agent, knowing what terms should be included and the implications they have for both sides is crucial to ensuring positive relations between you and the other party going forward. Below […]

HOAs: How to Mitigate Your Risk of Litigation

Running a homeowner’s association can be a very rewarding business, but like all businesses today, it comes with certain legal risks. HOAs can be sued for a variety of reasons, and these types of lawsuits can be extremely costly. Even if the HOA ends up winning the case, the amount of time and money spent […]

Selling Your Property? 4 Ways You Can Maximize Its Value

When you invest in any property, whether it be a home or a business, the ideal outcome is for it to be worth more than what you originally paid for it. If you are planning to sell and want to increase the property’s appraisal value, there are steps you can take that are affordable and […]

Realtors: 3 Reasons How Working with a Real Estate Attorney Can Help You and Your Client

For most people, a new home or building is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. Their expectations are high, and so are their anxieties. As a realtor, you work for weeks and even months, sending listings to your client, taking them to view properties, and perhaps even drawing up a few offers […]